Sunday, August 25, 2019

Artifacts in vancouver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Artifacts in vancouver - Essay Example Judging from the detail of the engravings, it is more plausible that this was deliberate. Further, the dried leaves from the actual tree have a different shape and size from the prints on the ground. This artifact shows a juxtaposition of something coming from nature and something that is man-made aimed as a tribute to the former. A tree that stands firm in a place where concrete and cement is the more common sight. By looking down, one sees someone’s efforts to draw a connection between what stands above and what is happening below. It serves as a reminder that nature remains the more tangible representation of beauty that man can only emulate. Quite possibly, a person who walks straight ahead will most likely fail to notice the tree. But upon seeing the marks, it will grab his attention to give a second look to nature’s divine creation. This artifact indicates that Vancouver a city where nature is still a part of its surroundings. Trees still firmly stand on pavements and one only has to stop to notice its radiance, no matter the season, much like what Bronthe spoke of. In a Huffington Post article entitled â€Å"Banksy Shares Vancouver Street Artist’s Work,† it talks about how the famous graffiti artist Banksy recognized the work of a Vancouver Graffiti artist known only as IHeart by sharing it in social media. This shows how graffiti is valued as an art form in Vancouver. In this artifact is a graffiti located in the outer walls of Red Card (Sports Bar + Eatery). The multitude of colors livened up the area even though it is mainly only an obscure part of the building. The lively colors emphasize the vibrant culture of the city. The details painted on the wall are interesting and captivating to anyone who happens to see it. Characteristic of graffiti art, there are no accurate words or coherent shapes within this artifact. Individually, the shapes

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