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Heroic Figures of the 21st Century essayEssay Writing Service

Heroic Figures of the 21st Century essayEssay Writing Service Heroic Figures of the 21st Century essay Heroic Figures of the 21st Century essayThe 21st century is the epoch of profound changes that have occurred in the world. In this regard, the rise of the US as the only world super power is the most distinct feature of the 21st century but the 21st century also gave rise to powers that oppose to the expanding impact of the US, westernization of the world, democratization and globalization. At the same time, the 21st century brought considerable changes not only to the world but also to the US, especially with Barak Obama coming to power as the first African American president in the history of the US. However, he was not the first African American, who has played an important part in the US politics. At this point, it is worth mentioning Condoleezza Rice, who was the US Secretary of State, when the US has launched its major international advancements to enhance its position as the only super power in the world and suppress any attempts of resistance in the Middle East.Barak Obama i s the iconic figure of the 21st century. He is the personification of the American Dream for probably all African Americans and the symbol of the personal power and charisma recognized worldwide and the first African American president elected in the US (Schama 6). He is a heroic figure because the world has recognized him as one of the prominent world leaders, who stands for the support of democracy worldwide. At the same time, he is the person, who has tried to eliminate racial and religious frontiers not only within the US but also worldwide. He became the first African American President of the US that contributed to the further closing of gaps between white and non-white Americans.Furthermore, his Cairo speech was his prominent attempt to appease representatives of the Muslim and Christian world (Schama 12). In this speech, he referred to his personal example to show the world that people with different religious background can live together and succeed. At the same time, he pr ioritizes democracy as the only way to the peaceful, stable and happy world and his efforts are recognized by the world community. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that Barak Obama won the Noble Prize for Peace in 2009, which became the international recognition of his efforts to put the end to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world along with withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and supporting peace keeping efforts worldwide (Abcarian 2).In such a way, Barak Obama is the heroic figure because of his considerable contribution to the promotion of democracy and elimination of barriers between different racial and religious group (Abcarian 10). However, what is even more important about the heroic image of Barak Obama, who gave many people throughout the world hope for changes and better life, the hope for putting the end to racism, conflicts and inequality. As for the US, he became the President, whose opponents accuse of socialist view s and policies, while a large part of the population view him as one of the first Presidents, who attempted to take the state responsibility for the wellbeing of American citizens in need, who cannot cover their basic needs, including health care and education.Condoleezza Rice was the person, who has influenced, if not to say determined, the foreign policy of the US for almost a decade from 2001, when she took the position of US National Security Advisor, to 2009, when she resigned from the position of the US Secretary of State (Mabry 115). She is recognized by the international community as one of the most influential politicians in the first decade of the 21st century. As the National Security Advisor, she contributed to the elaboration of the War on Terror policy and foreign policies conducted by the US in regard to the Axis of Evil and outcast states and organizations supporting terrorism. As the Secretary of State she continued to work on the suppression of tyranny and it was h er, who developed the concept of ‘outposts of tyranny’, which were the major threat to democracy in the world. At the same time, she was and still is well-known as the political and just the world leader, who promotes the idea of democratization of the world as the way to the improvement of the quality of life of all people (Cunningham 184). Condoleezza Rice stands on the ground that despair and poverty are the major causes of sufferings of millions of people worldwide, but she believes that despair and poverty persist because of the lack of democracy and poor people control over governments.Thus, Barak Obama and Condoleezza Rice are two heroic figures of the 21st century, who belong to minority groups and who personifies the success and power to overcome social, cultural and racial barriers on their way to success. Moreover, they are not just successful people but they are the major proponents of the democratization of the world and elimination of racial, class and rel igious barriers between people worldwide.

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