Friday, October 18, 2019

Cyber Crime as opposed to Cyber warfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Cyber Crime as opposed to Cyber warfare - Essay Example Nevertheless, new business and investment opportunities are created because of developments in infrastructure and modes of transportation that has enabled businesses to ensure utility of form, place and time. The use of intranet, extranets, internet and information systems across organisations have contributed significantly in growth and prosperity because it facilitates timely communication with business parties. However, the emergence of hackers and criminals that develop viruses and malwares have jeopardised the security of public and private business information and records in an organisation. The author, therefore, has decided to conduct extensive research over growing menace of cyber crimes and cyber warfare because the present 21st century is known as ‘information era’. Nonetheless, the organisations now consider greater focus on information and knowledge, which is viewed as most precious asset in today’s business environment. 1.2 – Cyber Crime and C yber Warfare: Cyber crimes refer to online frauds and internet-based crimes such as hacking email address, user accounts, stealing personal information (credit, visa and debit card pins, bio data, etc) from information systems of firms and from computers of end users, attacking computers through viruses in spam emails etc. Cyber Warfare is different from cyber crimes in a way it refers to online information war between two rival countries. Indeed, the hackers from Country A may attack government websites, information databases and networks of Country B through use of hacking tools in order to obtain clandestine information regarding foreign policy and agenda, military spending and power, diplomatic relationships and back channel diplomacy etc, economic and trade agreements etc. For instance, the main aim is to access implicit information and to destroy existing data warehouses and governmental networks to bring economic, technical and social losses to rival nation. 1.3 - Problem Sta tement Although systems and software developing IT organisations (such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM) have been striving to deal with the rising menace of cyber crime, there is dire need to develop strong anti-virus softwares to ensure information security. Nevertheless, cyber crimes (specifically viruses) do not only threaten security of software components, but also they may sabotage hardware resources, especially computer hard disks. In addition, the cyber warfare may disrupt a nation’s strategic functioning as it could damage mainframe and super computer systems used for keeping military and government records. 1.4 - Significance of Problem The issue of cyber crimes is not concerted to boundaries rather it could affect any end-user residing in any geographical region. The hackers do not target users in any specific area (or from any ethnicity, religion, cast, colour or language) but they may batter (virtually) any person for unidentified reasons. Still, the world has been seek ing appropriate solutions that could help improve their security in cyberspace. The researcher would like to argue that the probability that many nations worldwide may have Cyber Wars in future will increase, as more countries will enter cyberspace and send satellites in the orbit. 1.5 - Aims and Objectives The major aim of this research paper is to analyse the growing menace of cyber crimes from cyber terrorists and identify the weaknesses that should be overcome to avert cyber crimes. The objectives are as under: 1) To identify the

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