Tuesday, October 22, 2019

IndiaA Political outlook essays

IndiaA Political outlook essays Politics play a crucial role in the origin and growth and even decay of cities in India. It also plays a great role in general urban development, decay and renewal. In most cases these policies are sponsored by the government, therefor, they obviously play a key role in the development of cities. In the following paragraphs I will describe different political aspects of the growth of an Indian city and how the government participated. I will also discuss the overall foreign policy of India. Politics played a crucial role in the origin and growth of cities since the beginning of humanity. These two developments led to the appearance of political authority. The agricultural revolution itself must have been planned by leaders with imagination and foresight. Thus, a formalized leadership and a well-developed power structure emerged in this process. It is due to this, perhaps, that many cities, in ancient times and today, came into being components of large empires. During the ancient and medieval periods administrative and strategic factors determined the location of towns and cities. This was first hand decided by the rulers or now known as the government. Being fortified around citadels, cities either flourished or decayed based on the prowess of royalty. The growth of commerce and the emergence of a merchant class have been cited as an important factor in urban growth. Typically an empire at its best contains an overgrowing body of urbanites and an upper class that has waxed more affluent and has increased its demand for a variety of goods. Merchants are thereby encouraged to extend their domain of operation into more emote regions like urban centers. Such a movement, though, needed the support and protection offered by the political base within the homeland. Military and strategic factors, also provided by the government, have been crucial in the emergence, location, growth and decline of some cities. Towns, for example, ha...

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