Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pit Bulls Are Not Aggressive Essay

Just sit there for a second, close your eyes, and visualize this; a puppy no older than 5 months in the pouring rain, freezing, shivering, on your door step. You want to help but you don’t know exactly how to, you just watch almost in tears as this puppy stays there very gloom and soaking wet. You finally decide to take a leap of chance and help the puppy, you go outside and the puppy gently lifts his head toward you and you notice it’s a pit bull. He is so skinny, starved, and parched, with the only thing to drink being muddy rain water. You slowly move closer and pet him, he lays his head on your leg, so you pick him up gently in your arms and you take him inside. When you set him down you notice your arms are covered in blood, when you look down at him you see he has cuts on his legs, neck, and stomach. You start cleaning him up and cleaning his wounds there not deadly but they are heart breaking. He has no collar or tags, but you decide to keep him. You call him Bentley, and Bentley becomes your world, and if it wasn’t for you he would have never been saved. And if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have the heart to believe that not all pit bulls are aggressive. When you see a Pit bull, what is the first thing that goes through your mind? For some, it is a sense of fear and for others it is the thought that this breed is misunderstood. Have you ever stopped and thought about if the Pit bull breed is really a vicious breed, or are they just misinterpreted due to the reputation that others have given them along with the many myths that are attached to them? What about the owners of these precious animals? Do you ever think that they are the reason that their Pit bull may be a vicious dog? Many times people speculate too much when it comes to the Pit bull breed. Instead of taking the time to learn about them, they would much rather allow the myths and things they hear through the media to set their mind that the Pit bull breed is a vicious breed. Many people do not know the history behind the Pit bull or where their reputation comes from. Too often this particular breed becomes a victim for something that they have no control over. It’s time to find the facts and finally make a decision based off of the facts that we find. Pit Bulls can be as gentle as any other breed of dog, but due to myths and lack of knowledge from people the Pit Bull breed has been ruined and stereotyped. American Pit Bull Terriers were first introduced during World War I and World War II. The job of the Pit Bull was to deliver messages back and forth across the battlefield. Pit Bulls were first bred to bait bulls and bears as a sport back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but soon became more commonly used as house pets due to their friendliness towards people. This indeed should open up your eyes to them not really being an aggressive breed simply because they became more commonly used as pets. Another fact about the history of the Pit Bull is the Pit Bull.

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