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Apple vs samsung Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Apple vs samsung - Essay Example The content of this report concentrates determining the main reasons behind the increasing competitiveness of both the companies and the reasons behind the recent success of Samsung in comparison to Apple in the smartphone segment. From the findings, it is determined that Samsung has significantly focused on availability, after-sales service and use of media to lure the consumers as compared to Apple. The presented findings of this report also discuss about the pertinent views of the general managers of both companies who highlight their opinions regarding the changing competitiveness in the industry and their future endeavors with the offered smartphones . It concludes with the assessment that despite possessing impeccable brand image Apple has slightly remained behind Samsung in the smartphone segment due to the lack of availability, after-sales service and a reduced focus on ensuring utmost consumer satisfaction of ease of purchase. Thus, certain recommendations including focusing of untapped consumer segment and reducing price of the smartphones have been offered to Apple. Conversely, Samsung has been recommended to increase its market share in the segment of smartphone through sustained focus on augmentation of brand awareness and product promotion. I hope this report will prove to be satisfactory. If you should have any questions concerning my project and report, please feel free to contact me â€Å"Sumaya Ali â€Å" at Sincerely, Fatima Ali Attachment : My report on Smartphone Comparison Table of Contents NU SUBJECT PAGES 1 Summary of the Report 4 2 Introduction 5 3 Procedure 6 4 Overview About Apple And Samsung 6 5 SWOT Analysis 9 6 Findings 14 6.1 Questionnaire Findings 14 6.2 Interview Findings 21 7 Conclusion 24 8 Recommendations 25 9 Appendix 26 9.1 Survey Questionnaire 26 9.2 Interview Questionnaire 28 10 References 29 1- Summary of the Report The report intends to provide a comparative study of the smartphones of two of t he world’s leading manufacturer’s i.e. Apple and Samsung. From the perspective of technology and innovation, both the companies are superior in this field. However, there are a number of pertinent parameters based which Samsung can be stated to be noticeably ahead of Apple in terms of sales as well as market share. Therefore, as a part of this report a consumer feedback questionnaire has been designed and feedbacks from the smartphone users have been accumulated accordingly. In addition, a set of interview questionnaire is also designed for taking the interview of the Chairman/CEO/General Manager of Apple as well as Samsung. Based on the feedbacks obtained as a part of this report, a set of relevant recommendations has been offered to both the companies. 2- Introduction Over the past decade in the field of technology segment, Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics have been two of the major players as well as rivals. Apple Inc is an American based multinational organisation (MNC), founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs (Apple, 2013). Samsung Electronics is a South Korean based MNC founded in 1938 by Lee Kun-hee (Samsung, 2013). Although Apple came into the market later but in the course of focusing on sustained technological innovation it has turned into one of the preferred and respect brands in the world, thus in turn creating an immense challenge for the competitors to match up to the offerings of Apple. In

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