Monday, September 23, 2019

Controlling Child Pornography on the Usenet Article

Controlling Child Pornography on the Usenet - Article Example So it is easily understandable that anonymity serves as the key for such criminals, which they feasibly use as a protective shell. The catch-22 is that the complete censorship of CP on Usenet cannot be implemented easily since that is somewhat impossible without banning the internet because Usenet is basically served by the internet. And why just strike out a war against Usenet when the percentage of CP on the internet is basically even larger? The cutting truth is, pornography can never be simply rooted out and finished forever since it really grows vigorously. Amidst darkness, the scintillating hope is that lately many Usenet communities have been reported to be curbed after important measures observed at the Government level. Internet Service Providers have been forced to shut down Usenet access at many places in order to cut down the incessant demand of child porn. Cuomo crackdown is a well known open war happening against the erotic newsgroups of Usenet. â€Å"NY State attorney Andrew Cuomo has managed to get two more ISPs to join his ‘Crusade’ against Usenet child porn.† (Roettgers, 2008). America Online is among the ISPs who have agreed to do something about blocking CP and once it denies access to newsgroup servers, the Usenet is sure to become a less attractive magnet for cybercriminals. Another fact supporting the rampage against Usenet is that Recording Industry Association of America sued Usenet for trillions of dollars, criticizing it as the network of illicit file sharing sites. Still saying that cyber censo rship alone can play a vital role in stemming down CP is not actually true, since a large number of new Usenet groups and web servers are created daily.

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