Sunday, September 22, 2019

How Traditional Family Cultural Survive in the Future Essay Example for Free

How Traditional Family Cultural Survive in the Future Essay Traditional businesses are essential and important for a country. These reveals the lovely culture and habits of nation. These are the most attractive places where foreigners visit whenever they arrive to the land. Foreigners also buy traditional products which is difficult to be bought in their places and be placed at their home for their arrival and remembrances of the places where they visited. Not only for foreigners but also for local people, traditional products show how a person love culture and tradition of that nation. They play an important role in the standard of nation, so it is impossible for them to be disappeared although they get a little way to success. When a country becomes more developed, there is a lesser number of traditional business. The other business are favored and traditional businesses are transformed into these businesses because they are relatively more easy to succeed and can get more profit. Traditional businesses are made by humans and cannot be substituted by others. Therefore, they are too expensive for basic people to buy and use them. The other substituted things are processed by machines and standardized. They produce in large quantities and get economy of scale and can be sold in low price. The basic choose the cheaper one for their daily use how much they love their tradition. But the country is based on basic class, not on upper class. The demands go down and traditions have to depend on foreigners and upper class, especially. There is a little chance for every traditional culture business to survive although it cannot be disappeared from the market. All have to transform and innovate new things. Their management style, production process orientation have to be upgraded. Almost all traditional businesses are sole traders. Their finances, profession and ability to do are limited. Only the person who leads the business decide what to do, how to do and who have to do. The other member are not included in the decision, the other members of the family or the floor workers. They have to change this because ones profession is limited, the decision may be very fast but may not be as good as one deciding by many. They do not have any accurate documents. Some only have Cash Book, Debtors book and Creditors book. They never draw any financial statement and never check their income and expenses. Some firms may not have any of these, they keep the cash to the drawers when something is sold. And at the end of the day, they keep it to the drawer. And also their pricing, they set the price above the cost of production. Prices are not set stable. Customer has to have full knowledge to get goods with right price. The production processes are made to be smooth. Not all the processes let human make. Making traditional things must be made by human but aided by machine. It can lessen time, make lower cost of production and can control the quality. Machines are more accurate than human. For example, in the process of making pots, they are fired with woods by humans. Instead of this ovens can be replaced. They can be fired with accurate temperature and woods do not need. It can lessen the cost and wages can be reduced. To do these, technology is the key point. Nowadays, we do business in production orientation. We do the best, but we do not know what the customers need, we do not find what they want from us. We have to change into marketing orientation. We must find out what customer needs, how can we fulfill their wish. We have to research on the market. People are bored when they get the only one thing. They always want newest thing, they always seek in us. We have to make innovation based on the tradition. It is important to have great care not missing tradition. foreigners are main customers for the traditional market. Although we can produce the products, we are weak in market distribution. so, we should need organization to improve traditional business. we should make internet website about traditional business. we should make knowledge distribution of tradition to the local. we should connect with travel tourism .so ,they introduce to visit our industry. And we explain the production process step by step thoroughly .we should create the design update. In traditional job, main problem is rare raw material. If we meet this problem , we should think the another way to substitute with other.

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