Monday, September 2, 2019

Biofuels Essay -- Environment, Fossil Fuels

In recent years environmental problems, especially the use of fossil fuels, has become one of the most commonly debated issues. It is widely known that fossil fuels are non-renewable resources and the use of fossil fuels harm the environment, such as the combustion process of fossil fuels that leads to global warming. However, current societies are still dependent on fossil fuels. Because of the environmental problems and in order to decrease the wide-ranging consumption of fossil fuels, researches argue that agricultural based fuel or bio-fuel is one alternative to replace fossil fuels and apply it as a new energy source. In general, bio-fuels are fuels that predominantly are produced from bio-renewable or renewable feedstock, such as corn, sugarcane, wheat and so on. There are many kinds of bio-fuels and each country develops different types. For instance, Brazil produces sugarcane based bio-fuels. Global development of bio-fuels is required; however, the effectiveness and the sus tainability of bio-fuels compared to fossil fuels should be addressed. This essay asserts that the utilization of bio-fuels in the world is not a viable alternative to fossil fuels because it confronts difficulties and results in disadvantages in the future. The arguments to against bio-fuels which will be assessed are related to social structure, economic development and the cost of production, as well as the arguments concerning agriculture and environment. Firstly, an important issue that should be considered is the use of bio-fuels and the problems posed in the social structure. Because bio-fuels benefit for the environment, bio-fuels production and the fuel market will grow rapidly; therefore, the availability of resources is an important factor.... ... and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere, which are associated with the greenhouse gas and three hundred times more effect upon the global warming (Cockerill & Martin, 2008; Murphy, 2009). In conclusion, the development of bio-fuels as a viable alternative to replace fossil fuels is still not promising. Although bio-fuels are made from renewable resources, bio-fuels are not effective enough due to the disadvantages that will arise, such as the shrinkage of food, the production expenses and the environmental drawbacks. On account of the difficulties and the disadvantages that result from the wide-ranging use of bio-fuels, management and policies of bio-fuels are needed as solutions to obtain a well-managed agricultural supply so that it has a sustainable production; likewise, large scale bio-fuels production should be adjourned until adequate solutions are discovered.

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