Thursday, September 26, 2019

Selling of body organs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Selling of body organs - Essay Example   1. There are thousands of people dying around the world for not getting a suitable donor. There are many ailments and accidents which require body organs like kidney, liver part, eye ball or intestine. So if a person is willing to sell their body organ for the benefit of other, then many people can be saved from death 1. Many people hesitate to sell their body organ for the fear of it being unsafe. The body organs are removed by means of surgery and people may lose their life or can impair their health during the medical procedure. People do not have to be afraid of donating their body organs as the removal of organ and its tissue makes it a safe medical process 2. Today most of the organ removal surgery is a safe procedure. Technology has advanced well enough to make this medical process safe. The people have a notion that if they lose one of kidney or part of liver or intestine can make them ill. However one kidney is enough for a human to survive and liver does grow so there is no issue with it being removed. 1. The selling of body parts is an illegal business around the world. There is large opportunity for body organs however the illegal trafficking of the body organs and the crimes involved in it makes it an illegal affair. However, the absence of a legitimate marker is the reason why the sale of body organ is facing problem. 2. Government need to understand the potential of sale of body organ and make it a legitimate process which would also decrease the criminality involved with it. There is nothing illegal about sale of body organ if it is not damaging the health of the donor and would give them a financial boost and save lives of people. 1. Sale of body organ is a beneficial medical process and can save lives of many people around the world. The body organs like kidney, liver portion, eyeball or intestine part can be a saleable organ which can save people in need of them. However, the people are scared of surgery and risk

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