Monday, September 9, 2019

Challenges in implementing a Total Quality Management system in a Thesis Proposal

Challenges in implementing a Total Quality Management system in a culturally diversified workforce - Thesis Proposal Example The research proposal critically analyzes the problems faced by management in implementing Total Quality Management for better services and concludes on the efficient steps that top management can take (Perry & Heron, 2003). Total Quality Management (TQM) is an essential business strategy which creates and embeds awareness of quality in the institutional process of implementing its duties. It is the organization-wide management of quality and it encompasses planning, organizing, control and assurance. It is the concern of many organizations to ensure that the services they offer are of high quality to satisfy the stakeholders. Quality of products is the basis of TQM. The approach is centered on the quality as a way forward of realizing long term success through customer success (Perry & Heron, 2003). What are the effects of cultural diversity on implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) process? What are the challenges that organizations face in implementing TQM in culturally diversified workforce? The questions of the research proposal are very paramount and interesting since the research will be driven by the questions. The questions guide the researcher especially when collecting information or data to be used in ascertaining the actual impacts of cultural diversity on organizations. The research questions will act as the framework throughout the research work. When the researcher is out in the field, he will be using the questions to know whether they are collecting the right data. On the other hand, the questions are very relevant to the management of an organization because they use them to take corrective measures. Diversity in the workplace is a common phenomenon that has both negative and positive impacts on management and implementation of different operations in an organization. Past research conducted reveals that differences between different stakeholders impact the process of

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